Aarondoff — The God of Sceptr Combat


Aarondoff is quick to anger and equally quick to laugh. His deep wisdom is clearly derived from the patience he learnt from various battles, just as his care for all creatures of good will must have come from his strong sense of pity for the weak.


Aarondoff has the great judgment to exactly approach foes. Besides, he has proven to be very proficient at sceptr combat, being able to strike down an army’s worth of foes on his own.

Physical Abilities — Health Point and Attack Power

Aarondoff possesses extremely good control with huge damage in fights. His attack power is appreciated to be superior to other heroes. However, his health points are not that high. Therefore, he works more like an Attack Damage in the team.

Spell Abilities

Aarondoff not only has great potential but also various magical abilities such as creating a storm cloud and casting lightning bolts on enemies. When Aarondoff gathers enough mana, his active spell is awakened. He can summon lightning bolts from the sky and create a beam of light that has terrible damage to enemies.

Heroverse is the first Match-Three Puzzle and RPG Strategy NFT Game.

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Heroverse is the first Match-Three Puzzle and RPG Strategy NFT Game.

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