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On 6 October, Daniel, CEO and Co-Founder of Heroverse, had an interesting conversation with community members of the Mandy team. Through three parts in this AMA session, he provided fruitful information on HeroVerse as well as some new features and upcoming plans.

In case you missed our AMA session with Mandy, you can refer to this AMA transcript. Read now to learn more about HeroVerse.

  1. Introduction

Mandy: Could you please introduce yourself to our Audience?

Daniel: First, my big thanks to everyone here interested in our project. I’m Daniel — CEO and co-founder of Heroverse. I am here to answer anything you would like to know about our project. About myself, I used to be the Co-founder of Onterative (Outsourcing and UI/UX Design Company) and the CTO of Minet Asia (Company that Providing Influencer marketing platform). I love technology and use it as a base for other projects I’m involved in. When I knew about Game NFT, I wanted to create a great game from my experience, so I stopped working at that time to create Heroverse

Mandy: Could you share how your team came up with the concept of HeroVerse and what problems are you solving?

Daniel: Currently, the NFT Game market in Vietnam is having a lot of problems, many scams, short-term projects, and the gameplay is too simple. All of these have been realized and solved by HeroVerse by developing a long-term project that is carefully invested in gameplay. The team had to consider a lot when choosing the Match-3 Puzzle and RPG Strategy game genres.

You can see here, the third game in the list is Puzzle and Dragon, which have the same genre as HeroVerse with revenue of more than 8 billion dollar, much higher than other traditional game competitors. We believe that HeroVerse will be Puzzle and Dragon in NFT Game World.

Mandy: Could you share who are your competitors in crypto and what’s the strategy to outperform them?

Daniel: Yes, HeroVerse is an NFT Game, so HeroVerse’s competitors are the top NFT games today actually. However, HeroVerse is making a difference when using a “play-and-earn” model instead of “play-to-earn”, focusing more on graphics and player experience. HeroVerse is pioneering this model, we will try to keep our position

Mandy: How important is the community for HeroVerse team and what steps will be taken by the team to keep interest of the community & investors intact?

Daniel: What we are building will be shared with the community and their feedback will be taken.

We will try to develop HeroVerse well. Each character will be a unique and artistic work thanks to a combination of many elements: 3D artwork, crypto hero, etc.

New features will be continuously released so that players can constantly explore the world in the game like: new map, tower, clan, p2p, etc

Mandy: Could you share some recent product development in terms of roadmap ( or milestones achieved)?

Daniel: You can see in the Roadmap

- In September, We do IDO

- In October, we will sell hero, sell Gacha, we have staking and a Marketplace.

- In November, the game will be released

- Then, Other featured will be released in March 2022

But because of working so hard, the work is finishing earlier than expected. We already released the staking function: and sold Hero thi last month. This month, we have:

- Meme contest event

- Beta-test event .

- Marketplace with be released tomorrow

- Beta Test will be released soon in this month

2. Telegram questions

Question1 from Telegram user @Cucu101:

Why did you decide to join HeroVerse ? How do you see the future of HeroVerse?

Daniel: This is an interesting question, it is related to my childhoods

When I was a student, I used to play games to make money, And those games are usually very popular games that are very great in both gameplay and graphics. When I heard about playing NFT games to make money, I thought the NFT game would have gameplay like that. But I was disappointed when I tried playing, the gameplay is so simple right? The community calling this way is click-to-earn instead of play-to-earn. So, I want to make something better. And that is the reason I create Heroverse

Question 2 from Telegram user @lina144:

Can you tell us more about the members of the group HeroVerse? As we have said many times, the excellent team and members behind the project is one of the most important factors for success.

Daniel: We have 3 core teams with more than 20 people.

- Game development: Members from HikerGame — is one of the pioneer studios in Southeast Asia with 12 years of experience with many games getting success.

- Blockchain tech: Members from Rikkeisoft — have a lot of experience in the field of software development and blockchain technology.

- Marketing: We have an internal team to do marketing. In addition, we also cooperate with partner to do marketing and build community in many countries around the world

Question 3 from Telegram user @munishgmr:

You have two types of tokens $HER & $HES. How are these tokens used in the ecosystem?

Daniel: We have 2 types of tokens:

- $HER is a pre-minted token, the governance token of Heroverse. The holders will use that Token to stake, buy Heroes and Gacha

- $HES is an unlimited token, the in-game currency that players can earn while playing and can spend on almost all game features.

Question 4 from Telegram user @Jonathantross:

While reading the documents, I encountered a unique feature known as “CRYPTO HERO “, can you please tell us More about this and what major role does this Crypto Hero will play in the Heroverse platform?

Daniel: This is a pretty cool feature in the game, it increases the uniqueness of the Hero. We will assign a crypto medal to each hero. Those cryptos will be the top coins in the market like BTC, ETH or BNB. The power of the hero will increase or decrease depending on the trend of coins at that time. For example, when the player is checking the BTC that is uptrend, he will use the BTC Hero to fight in the game because that hero will be stronger. At this point, our major Audience is the NFT Player. They have the experience and knowledge to be able to join the game right away.

Question 5: What is the problem that Heroverse is trying to solve to make it easier for crypto and non-cryptic users? Can you share your current and future roadmap?

Daniel: I shared the near future plan above, we will approach the traditional game market in the far future. There are 2 main problems that make it difficult for players: gameplay and crypto knowledge. About gameplay, HeroVerse is doing very well.Regarding Crypto knowledge, HeroVerse has several plans to make non-crypto users more accessible:

- Community building for non-crypto users

- Make instructional materials in the form of text, video, livestream

- There is a reward mechanism for old players who can guide new players to join the game, old players will be partners to help us educate new players


Question 1: Do you have any Coin Burn / BuyBack systems or any $Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token & attract Investors to invest?

Daniel: We have burn plan for both of 2 token $HER and $HES:

- $HER, the token that user used for buying Hero in the first event, we will burn 95 to 100%

- $HES, Is the profit you make in the game, you can exchange it for money or use it in the game. After $HES is used in the game, a fraction of them will be burned

Question 2: How can I buy it?And How to invest in your project?

Daniel : This is a short question, but I want to answer it because a lot of people have been scammed. You can buy $HER token here:

Question 3: What are the advantages of this game to other games with the same concept? And how can this game be sustainable in the long run? Other games like these are hype in the beginning but in the long run they fail to maintain their sustainability.

Daniel: HeroVerse is the first game in the NFT market to follow this genre, and it’s also a very successful game in the traditional gaming market. As you can see, HeroVerse is well invested in both economy and gameplay, and is strong and transparent. We also have a very big and feasible vision in the future

Question 4: Partner is an important issue for new projects. Which partners have you cooperated with? What advantage does this cooperation bring to Heroverse?

Daniel: I will share the list of HeroVerse partner, you can see them on our website:

- Redkite : — We will launch on RedKite launchpad

- Rikkeisoft :

- Raptor :

- Icetea Labs :

- GameFI :

- X21 :

- AU21 :

- Bloom :

- DAO Maker:

- Cinchblock:

- UD Ventures:

- Banter Capital:

- Basics Capital:

- Onemax Capital:

- Vendetta Capital:

- HG Ventures:

- Exnetwork Capital:

- AVStar Capital:

- Everse Capital:

The partners have helped us a lot in terms of resources and experience. In the future, we will continue to look for more partners to help us build a community in other countries around the world.

Question 5: Our HEROES are divided into six types of rarity: COMMON -> UNCOMMON -> RARE -> EPIC -> LEGEND -> MYTHIC. How will these Heros be different from each other? Please tell more about these HEROES?

Daniel: Hero with high rarity will have stronger skill stats than other heroes, but the strength of a hero is not entirely dependent on that. When buying Hero, we also give players other items such as:

- Pet: add passive skill to Hero, Pet is also rare like Hero

- Hometown: Adds Hero’s stats

- Crypto Medal: Represents 1 coin in the Hero crypto mechanism

In addition, the strength of the Hero depends a lot on the player’s playing style too.

About HeroVerse

HeroVerse is the pioneer to bring the top-grossing mobile game genre to the blockchain space.

Gameplay combines Match-3 Puzzle and RPG Strategy. Inspired by the concept of Empire & Puzzles and Candy Crush, the HeroVerse Developer Team aims at creating a hyper-casual game that is easy to understand, simple to play, and entertaining to users. Moreover, HeroVerse also focuses on prominent RPG features: exploring and looting. Thus, It is more about how the characters evolve as they interact with the narrative. Besides, HeroVerse is designed as a Play-and-Earn business model embracing both users’ economy’s sake and the gaming experience itself. Needless to say, HeroVerse is such a game worth waiting for this Autumn.

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Heroverse is the first Match-Three Puzzle and RPG Strategy NFT Game.