AMA Recap: HeroVerse x Satoshi Club

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HeroVerse is glad to get an amazing opportunity to interact with Satoshi Club and answer the most burning question of their community through insightful AMA sessions concluded successfully on September 17, 2021.

Our CEO and Co-Founder, Daniel, represented HeroVerse, its products, features, and more in this session to spread a greater level of awareness. There were three segments of this AMA season: Introduction, Telegram Questions, and Live Q&A Session.

If, in any case, you missed this session, we have got you covered with this AMA Recap. Read now to learn more about HeroVerse.

About Satoshi Club: It is a continuously expanding educational group on crypto and blockchain technologies with 91,000+ members on Telegram.


Andrés: So, let’s begin the AMA with a little introduction about you, please tell us about your experience and role in the project! 😃

Daniel: First, my big thanks to everyone here interested in our project. I’m Daniel — CEO and Co-Founder of Heroverse. I am here to answer anything you would like to know about our project. Hope we will have a nice conversation together.

About myself, I used to be the Co-founder of Onterative (Outsourcing and UI/UX Design) and the CTO of Minet Asia (Providing Influencer marketing platform). I love technology and use it as a base for other projects I’m involved in. When I knew about Game NFT, I wanted to create a great game from my experience, so I stopped working at that time to create Heroverse.

Andrés: Wow, you are creating a big ecosystem and portfolio of projects 👏. Now, please tell us more about the project, what are the main products you offer?

Daniel: Heroverse is the first match-3 Puzzle and RPG Strategy NFT Game. The game does not only provide a relaxing and entertaining experience of the Match-3 genre but also keeps the RPG’s signature elements of exploring and looting. We want to focus more on the gameplay to increase the player’s experiences, not just “Clicking Game”

Jonah: What is the Match-3 genre all about?

Daniel: Surely everyone knows the game Candy Crush, It is Match-3 genre, we combine it with RPG Game strategy genre

Andrés: What device is needed to run the game? Do we need a gamer PC or even with a mobile we can play it?

Daniel: Now, the game is done for mobile (both Android and IOS), Users just need to use “one finger on a non rotate device” to play. We will have version for web soon

Andrés: That’s great, a game for everyone. So, how many members are working on the project?

Daniel: More than 20 members, we have 3 core teams:

  • Mobile Develop Team
  • Marketing Team
  • Blockchain Team

Andrés: Thank you, finally, which blockchains are supported by HeroVerse?

Daniel: We use BSC at this time


Q1 From Telegram User @meml97:

While reading about HeroVerse, I saw that the game has implemented a different revenue model on the platform, instead of implementing a Play-To-Earn model as almost every NFT game has done right now, HeroVerse implemented a Play-AND-Earn model. So, with that in mind, can you tell us more about this innovative model and how it will exactly work? Why did you decide to implement this revenue model in your game? What differences does this model have compared to the Play-To-Earn model that has been so successful until now? What advantages will players get from this Play-And-Earn model they can’t get from the Play-To-Earn model nor any other revenue model? Also, what benefits will HeroVerse and it’s economy get from the implementation of this revenue model that other revenue models won’t be able to provide to it?

A. Daniel:

Thank you very much for learning about our game, as you see we are using Play-and-earn model instead of play-to-earn-model. That means, we focus more on the gameplay to increase the player’s experiences, more effort with art and design, more “brain” in gameplay to have a game with skill, not just simple samples that we get bored in 1–2 days, more careful with planning. To put it simply we elevate the game to a higher level comparing what other games are doing and will do.

“Why did I decide to implement that value?”. I want to tell you my story. When I was a student, it was the first time I knew about the concept of playing games to make money. There were very famous and big games. Recently I heard about playing NFT games to make money. I thought the NFT game would have gameplay like that. But I was disappointed when I tried playing. It was not really playing.

The community is calling this way click-to-earn instead of play-to-earn. So, I want to make something better, Not only making money, I want players to be able to get the true value that a real game brings. And like I said, with a game that balances both “playing” and “earning”. It is very difficult for players to leave it. I want Heroverse to be as successful and lasting as other traditional games

Andrés: Could you share pics from the live game before the next question? Please

A. Daniel: Please have a look at some hero pictures and the Game Trailer

Q.2: From Telegram User @victorogb

Going through your website and taking a careful study of your development team, I noticed that HeroVerse has a lot of affiliations with Red Kite Launchpad and more importantly, Hiker Game, as there are members of your team who are principal actors of these projects. Can you clear the air and elaborate on this, what sort of partnership has HeroVerse with Red Kite and Hiker Game, how has the transfer of skill and technology from these reputable brands been of immense benefit to HeroVerse, and how has your overall partnerships so far impacted on your projects growth and adventure?

A. Daniel:

Red Kite is our partnership and investor, we will launch on the Red Kite launchpad. Actually Hiker Game is the company that will be mainly responsible for the game development. All of them are our long term partnership. HIKER is one of the pioneer studios in Southeast Asia with 12 years of experience. They have many games on both PC and mobile and most of them have high achievement on the leaderboards of the game store. I am very confident to have such partners

Q. 3: From Telegram user @Ajpaa:

In addition to trading Heroes and items at the HeroVerse Marketplace, other earning mechanism in HeroVerse NFT Game ecosystem include: first, Renting of hero for profit, second, Gacha a Lucky spin function where lucky players open valuable rare heroes and thirdly, Rewards through quest, PVP, tower conquest, clan event. So how will the renting price of hero for profit be determined? What will be the value of the rare heroes opened from Gacha Lucky spin function and is there anything a player can do to increase his chances of opening the valuable rare hero? Kindly explain the quest, PVP, tower conquest, clan event and how are rewards earned from them?

A. Daniel:

About the renting price of the hero, It will be an agreement between players, we won’t interfere in that. Our heroes are divided into 6 types of rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legend, Mythic. Heroes with higher rarity will have better graphics, effects, and better strength than other heroes, and of course, the value of those heroes on the market is also higher. About the quest, I think you are wanting to ask about “Daily Raid”, It is a quest that will be reset daily for players to do and earn rewards. The tower conquest will be like “Dungeon” in other traditional RPG Game

Clan + Event like: Many people can build a clan, each player in clan can pick one or two hero into a team (with 4 heroes) to do quests or fight with other clans. I thank it is enough, I am sorry I can tell more :d

Andrés: Are you planning to create a physical version of the NFTs?

Daniel: Maybe, but maybe a long time later, right now we are focused on completing the game and building the community.

Q.4: From Telegram User @kimacharya

According to the website, your project uses the TRNG system to create a truly randomized gaming environment. Can you explain to us how this system works? What makes this system different from others? And how can you ensure fairness in every game through this system?

A. Daniel: Yes, we always try to create a truly randomized gaming environment. Actually, we use VRF. There is a problem in smart contracts that doesn’t support random numbers. While working with NFT games, random numbers support generating indexes of Hero in game. So we need to use an oracle to support random numbers. To do this, Our game is implementing the Oraichain VRF which is a secure and verifiable random number generator in smart contracts. Oraichain VRF allows smart contracts to generate random numbers easily and securely. Oraichain VRF generates random numbers and proofs of how the number was generated.

Andrés: Very innovative technology. Btw, could you share with us your roadmap before proceeding with the next question? We want to check what events are coming😁

Daniel: Yes, it’s quite complicated to explain. About the Roadmap, I will take a picture of the picture from the pitch deck to make the answer more colorful

Q.5 From Telegram User @Jmagsss:

There are two ways to generate a new hero in HeroVerse, first is to acquire it on the “Limited Hero Box” and by “summoning” a hero through sacrificing $HER tokens and Hero Shards. I have a question specifically for the Limited Hero Box. Is the sale/auction for these boxes still available now? Also, it is stated on your whitepaper that HeroVerse might conduct sales for these boxes for its “special events”. Can you specify what special events you are pertaining to? How often would you conduct Limited Hero Box auctions and is it possible that a single user/player can buy multiple boxes at once?

A. Daniel:

The sale/auction for these boxes is still not available now, we plan to sell it after IDO and some event in the future. After IDO 1 day, we will have an event to stak tokens to mint heroes. We had a platform for that, haha. I’m not sure if I should reveal it now. One more, users can buy multiple boxes at one. 😉

Q.6 From Telegram User @KathDM:

You explained to us that unlimited tokens are tokens that users earn when they win each game and can only be used in in-game transactions. However, the problem is that when users win so many games that the unlimited tokens exceed the controllable number. Is the HeroVerse team prepared to address this situation? What mechanism will you implement to avoid that? How will you decrease the inflation rate?

A Daniel:

Yes, it is a very good question. Actually, we have 2 types of token:

1. $HER, like I said before

2. HES is an unlimited token, the in-game currency that a player can earn while playing and can spend on almost all game features. We also have a mechanism to burn tokens, it will avoid inflation in the game and reduce the influence of $HES coins on $HER

Andrés: Before we open the chat, could you share us useful links to join your communities, please?

Daniel: Yes, this is the link to join our communication:


Q. I know that you are using the Play-and-Earn model instead of the Play-to-Earn model, how about your vision?

A. It will be the first question because I think I was missing this part in my game introduction. As you all know, we have 2 main game models/concepts: NFT game for players who are seeking for NFT and focusing more on profit, and traditional game for players who are playing for fun and experience. Although these two game models are well-developed with millions of gamers, they are almost separated from each other. So in the future, we hope Heroverse will be a game that combines 2 features above and attracts all players from NFT and Traditional games. People who want to make money can still not get bored while playing games, and people who want to play games can still earn money.

Q. Can I play Heroverse through my mobile phone or can I only access it through my computer? Does my computer need to have some minimum features to be able to play Heroverse?

A. As I said, Heroverse was done on Mobile, and it does not require too much configuration of the device to play, don’t worry about it.

Q. We know that traditional players can find it difficult to play NFT games. How can Heroverse address this problem? Do you have any plans to attract and educate traditional players about the benefits of NFT games?

A. There are many barriers for traditional gamers to enter the NFT Game world. However, we also have plans for that.

1. Create specific communities for these players, so that they can be more easily guided to join

2. Create detailed video tutorials

3. There is a bonus mechanism where old players can guide new players to join the game

I believe traditional gamers will love HeroVerse, as they can earn extra income right from playing the games they love.

Q. How do you build a community in the HEROVERSE project? And how does the community provide ideas and suggestions for the HEROVERSE project? and how to keep the community happy in the HEROVERSE project?


A. Yes, as I said before. Community is everything for us. We will be sharing our updates with the community and have their feedback as well. Our ideal users will be gamers, actually Heroverse is for both investors and gamer and NFT collectors.

Q. Your project is not only interesting but also important. As we know, With Token price many people value a project, Are you planning a strategic partnership to improve your project?

A. Sure, in the early stages of our marketing campaigns. In addition to building community, we are always looking for other partnership to improve the project

Q. How much is the minimum investment to start playing Heroverse? Do you have an “economic” game mode that makes it easier for small investors to be part of your game?

A. At the beginning, we predicted the value of 1 hero will be 50$. We need 4 heroes for a match like what you see in the trailer, so the cost should be 200$.

Q. @dzungnv91 You have your IDO very soon on 13 Sept. How is the preparation going on and where will the details be announced?

A. I would like to correct it as of 23 Sept. We are preparing all the necessary documents and papers to be able to IDO, most of the other technical issues have been completed.

Q. Most investors focus only on the short-term price of the token instead of the actual value of the project. So what are the benefits for long-term investors in a project?

A. Exactly, but Heroverse is a long term game project, otherwise we wouldn’t have invested so much in gameplay and graphics like that. You can see the traditional games with similar genre are very successful, and Heroverse will become game like to that in the world of Game NFT, That will bring long-term profits for investors

Q. What is the most special NFT on the Heroverse Game?

A. Art in the game is 3D model, carefully designed heroes with different characteristics in terms of shape, color and skill, each of them valuable works of art

Q. What is the difference between Play-and-earn model and play-to-earn-model exactly? So can I earn while playing your games?

A. The biggest difference between play-and-earn and play-to-earn is between “and” and “to”. More effort with art and design, more “brain” in gameplay to have a game with skill, not just simple samples that we get bored in 1–2 days, more careful with planning. To put it simply we elevate the game to a higher level comparing what other games are doing and will do.



Heroverse is the first Match-Three Puzzle and RPG Strategy NFT Game.

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Heroverse is the first Match-Three Puzzle and RPG Strategy NFT Game.