The First Hero Sale Announcement and Guideline

3 min readSep 27, 2021

Dear our Heroes aka HeroVerse Community,

We are thrilled to announce that the first Hero Box Sale will officially launch on our website <> at 12:00 UTC on September 29. We would like to disclose all the details here to fully prepare the HeroVerse community for the big event coming this Wednesday.

Number of Heroes For Sale

The number of heroes for sale in this event is 10,000 in total. Each player needs to own at least four heroes to play and earn rewards. Selling time will last seven days, counting from 12:00 UTC September 29 to 12:00 UTC October 6.

Prepare your $HER to get ready for the sales event.

Hero Box Categories

There are three types of Hero Boxes: Standard Box, Deluxe Box, and Premium Box.

The currency of the first Hero Box Sale is HER with the specific prices as mentioned below:

  • Standard Box: 1 hero costing 280 HER
  • Deluxe Box: 4 heroes costing 1120 HER
  • Premium Box: 10 heroes costing 2660 HER (Players will receive 5% off when purchasing Premium Box)

How the Sale Works

Selling time lasts seven days; however, as each day passes, the selling price will increase by 5%, equivalent to 14 HER.

As a result, the selling price of a hero on the seventh day, October 6, will be 364 HER.

Thus, keep yourself active and start purchasing as soon as possible to get the best price.

Staking Advantages

As mentioned on the Stake to Earn event, users who stake HER will receive discounts on our first Hero Box Sale. Any user staking from 4,000 HER will receive 20% off when purchasing the first four heroes.

The Hero Box Sale for over 4,000 $HER Staked Players will be calculated as below:

  • Standard Box: 1 hero costing 224 HER
  • Deluxe Box: 4 heroes costing 896 HER
  • Premium Box: 10 heroes costing 2,492 HER (20% off applied on the first four heroes, the other six heroes will receive 5% off for the Premium Box Discount)

For more information about the Stake to Earn event, please visit:


Please keep in mind that the hero sale price of the next hero sale event will be higher than the closing price of this sale. Thus, do not miss your chance.

Marketplace Launching will go live on October 6. Players are allowed to sell and buy heroes on the Marketplace. Further instructions will be provided later. Please keep yourself updated.

Hero Graphics

Common Heroes
Uncommon Heroes
Rare Heroes

About HeroVerse

HeroVerse is the pioneer to bring the top-grossing mobile game genre to the blockchain space.

Gameplay combines Match-3 Puzzle and RPG Strategy. Inspired by the concept of Empire & Puzzles and Candy Crush, the HeroVerse Developer Team aims at creating a hyper-casual game that is easy to understand, simple to play, and entertaining to users. Moreover, HeroVerse also focuses on prominent RPG features: exploring and looting. Thus, It is more about how the characters evolve as they interact with the narrative. Besides, HeroVerse is designed as a Play-and-Earn business model embracing both users’ economy’s sake and the gaming experience itself. Needless to say, HeroVerse is such a game worth waiting for this Autumn.

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Heroverse is the first Match-Three Puzzle and RPG Strategy NFT Game.